Meeting with IDEAGTO towards 2024

We thank Omar Silva for opening the doors of IDEA GTO's facilities and hosting us in a strategically important meeting. The main purpose of this meeting was to align CLAUGTO's vision for the 2024 projects with the distinguished IDEA team.

The meeting unfolded in a highly positive manner, highlighting the fruitful collaboration and enriching exchange of ideas that took place between both parties. The synergy between CLAUGTO and the IDEA team was evident, emphasizing the importance of working hand in hand to achieve common goals.

We are pleased to report that significant progress was made during the meeting. The consolidation of ideas and strategies will be crucial to drive innovative projects in the automotive sector of Guanajuato. We are confident that the close collaboration between our teams will be the key to overcoming challenges and achieving the ambitious goals we have set for the next year.

We thank once again Omar Silva and the IDEA GTO team for their hospitality and commitment in this strategic collaboration. We are excited about the future we will build together and confident that this partnership will further strengthen Guanajuato's position as a leader in the automotive industry.


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