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We share clear and direct information to support strategic and operational decision-making within our community, with a primary focus on the automotive industry.


We help our companies connect with other businesses for commercial or benchmarking purposes, as well as with academic institutions and governmental bodies.


We make CLAUGTO a collaborative community, fostering relationships among our partners and affiliates, viewing ourselves as actors within a robust ecosystem rather than competitors.


We have become a specialized training platform for our community, always starting from the needs of our partners and affiliates and seeking the best option to deliver it, leveraging the extensive network of contacts we have woven.

Business Assistance

We provide companies with personalized assistance on their day-to-day matters such as legal, administrative, and business opportunities, both in the domestic and international markets.

Business Opportunities

We promote diversification, internationalization, and the transfer of business and industrial innovation among our associates, starting from leveraging the regional supply chain.


El Comité de Excelencia Operativa está formado por líderes representantes de las áreas de Manufactura y Calidad de las empresas asociadas al CLAUGTO, tiene como objetivo el desarrollar, implementar y fortalecer estrategias para promover la mejora en las empresas asociadas.


Comité integrado por los profesionales de abastecimiento de las empresas asociadas a CLAUGTO,  cuyo objetivo es el fortalecimiento de la cadena de suministro

El Comité de Proveedores es un grupo de empresas, todas ellas PYME´s, que tienen como objetivo generar proyectos estratégicos para las empresas PYME´s de la región; buscando siempre la profesionalización de sus empresas y proyectando hacia las demás empresas de la región.

El Comité de Seguridad Patrimonial está formado por líderes representantes del área de Security o EHS de las empresas asociadas al CLAUGTO. El objetivo de este comité es generar proyectos estratégicos de seguridad patrimonial para la industria automotriz.

El Comité de Capital Humano está formado por líderes representantes del área de RRHH de las empresas asociadas al CLAUGTO. El objetivo de este comité es generar proyectos estratégicos buscando colaborar, construir y sumar, así como generar información de interés para nuestros socios que sirva para la toma de decisiones.




Course: Instructor Training

That the participant acquires the knowledge to deliver training courses within their organization. Contribute to the increase in training effectiveness indicators by having internally trained talent to transfer knowledge. That participants have techniques and tools to deliver effective and engaging internal training processes.[…]
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Course: Crime Prevention

Don't miss out! This course aims to show you the signs preceding criminal activity and how to act in response to them, as well as the changes you can make in your routine to enhance your security.
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