Advisory Board session of the Iberoinnovación Scientific and Technological Park.

Certifications in Industry 4.0 drive Economic Development.

Within the framework of Industry 4.0, the successful implementation of key certifications to drive automation in various areas is announced. These certifications cover fundamental competencies for the sector, consolidating a project supported by a triple alliance between the government, academia, and industry.

The certifications offered are as follows:

  1. Computer Vision Certification
  2. Industrial Robotics Certification
  3. Industrial Networks and Automation Certification
  4. Vision-Guided Robotics Certification

This project, developed with the support of the Ministry of Economic Development (SDES), aims to encourage the participation of companies and industries in the training of new talents and the development of key skills for automation.

The active participation of leading companies in the sector has been crucial for the success of this initiative. Companies such as DENSO, ORBIS, HOPE GLOBAL, CONTINENTAL, BROGWAGNER, WURTH, EBARA, WITZENMAN, OSHKOSH, U-SHIN, WOLLSFORF, KOSTAL, KROMBER & SCHUBERT, and PLASTICOMNIUM have gained significant benefits through their commitment to the project.

These certifications not only aim to elevate the level of competence among professionals in the industry but also to foster innovation and the adoption of advanced technologies. We appreciate the mentioned companies for their trust and active participation, thus contributing to the growth and sustainable development in the field of Industry 4.0.


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