CLAUGTO Celaya Business Networking

On March 13th of the current year, the 3rd edition of the 2024 CLAUGTO Business Networking took place. Once again, it was a meeting among automotive industry leaders who gathered to exchange ideas, experiences, and business opportunities. With the notable participation of key figures such as Rolando Alaniz, President of CLAUGTO, Javier Mendoza, Mayor of Celaya, and Eduardo Knapp, Director of Economic Development of Celaya.

 The CLAUGTO Business Networking offers a dynamic and enjoyable platform to expand networks, share best practices, challenges, and, most importantly, generate tangible business opportunities.

One of the highlights of the event was the conference titled "Women and Men are Created Equal," delivered by Susana Andrade, Director of Human Capital Management at Kostal. Her presentation deeply resonated with the attendees, offering valuable insights into gender equality in the workplace and its impact on business success.

Additionally, the event included various team-building and networking dynamics designed to encourage interaction between buyers and suppliers. These activities provided a conducive space to establish new connections, strengthen existing relationships, and explore collaboration opportunities.

 In this edition, we had the presence of 16 buyers from renowned companies such as American Industries, ARBOMEX, Ashimori, Clarios, G-ONE, HIRSCHMANN, HUTCHINSON, KB Components, MONROE MEXICO, NPK Fluid Control, STANT, and TIMKEN. Additionally, we were joined by 130 suppliers from the industrial area of Celaya and its surroundings, who significantly contributed to the diversity and richness of the event.

We thank all participants for their commitment. 

Let's continue building a collaborative community!


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